Mechanicsville Religious Education

208 Meridian St, PO Box 309 - Tipton, Iowa 52772  

   Phone:563-886-2506     Fax: 563-886-6326

DRE: Lori Crock is serving as the DRE for this year.

Thank you Lori!!

Congratulations to our First Communion Class!

Isabella (Bella) Dohmen, Jordyn Jarchow, Braylon Leeper, and Emme Oberbreckling

A special, “thank you,” goes to Stacy Farrington for being the kids’ Catechist.

I would like to thank, all the volunteers that helped make religious education a success this year.

Kylee Dohmen, Anna Leeper, Shannon Walshire, Jamie Wilhau, Sara Wendt, Leah Crock, Stacy Farrington, Shirley Jarzombek, Donna Robinson, Mike Meyer, and Marilyn Fitzgerald. I appreciate each of you, and your willingness to help out when asked. Thanks so much!